Consumer Claims

Timeshare Claims

Were you mis-sold ?

There are many ways in which you may have been mis-sold.

The most common successful claims are for:
  • Were you told that your purchase was an investment?
  • Were you originally told that exchanges were easily obtainable but since found out that was untrue?
  • Have your management fees increased way beyond the rate of inflation?
  • Was it explained that your family could become liable to take over the contract if something happened to you?
  • Did you sign a purchase agreement that could possibly be illegal?
  • Were promises made to you, that you later found to be untrue?
  • Were you forced into upgrading your timeshare?
  • Did you buy your timeshare on finance?
  • Were you later charged hidden fees?

Refer to our full list of misrepresentation reasons on our table.

Solar Panel Claims

Have you ever purchased solar panels using a finance agreement or a credit card ?

Were you advised that they would:

  1. Pay for themselves?
  2. That they would be self-funding by generating a surplus amount of electricity? and this would result in financial benefits?
  3. The solar-panel are an investment?
  4. Substantially reduce energy bills?

If you have discovered that this is not the case please contactour solar-panel mis-selling team and we may be able get you compensation and have any outstanding finance written off.

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