Mis Sold Air Source Heat Pump Claims

Have you taken out a Loan/Finance or used a Credit Card to buy or purchase your Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP)?

Mellor Solicitors can assist you in making a Section 75 Claim under the Consumer Credit Act. It does not matter if the company has been dissolved and/or no longer in business.

After purchasing the (ASHP) did you discover the following
  • Level of noise pollution that was caused by the fan
  • Discovered that you required local authority planning permission to have the system installed. This was an extra cost that you were unaware of and had to pay for
  • Increase in electricity bills particularly in the winter
  • That payments under the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) have taken years to be paid
  • You never received an energy grant and now require an EPC
  • Had to spend more money on energy saving measures for your home to qualify for RHI Payments
  • You have had in an increase in your electricity bills during the winter months.
  • There has been no reduction in your gas usage even after having the system installed
  • Limited amount of hot water for baths or showers
  • The house remains cold and never feels warm in the winter
  • Constant issues with repairs and maintenance of the system

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