Mis Sold goods and Services Claims

Have you purchased Goods or Services in the last 6 years that are not as described ?

You may have purchased goods or services which have proved to be not as they were originally described. You may have even taken out insurance where the limitations of the cover were not properly explained. If this is the case, then you may be able to claim compensation for your purchased Mis-Sold Goods or Services. We are only able to pursue claims on a No Win, No Fee basis for mis-sold Goods or Services where a means of credit such as a credit card or retail finance was used for at least part of the payment for the goods or services. The reason for this being that whilst we could prove a valid claim against most rogue traders, more often than not they will simply cease to trade before payment of any refund. Where a means of credit is used in the transaction then consumer credit law makes the lender jointly and severally liable and as such even if the merchant is no longer trading a claim can be made against the lender.

Most of our claims for mis-sold Goods or Services involve direct sales companies selling products or services that turn out to be far from what was described by the seller. Our dedicated team of legal experts will challenge both contractual and verbal misrepresentations and where required we bring in expert witnesses entirely at our own expense to corroborate our client’s claims entirely on a No Win, No Fee basis with no upfront costs.

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    Did the goods or services cost in excess of £2,000?
    Did you make the purchase within the last 6 years?
    Have the goods or services proved to be not as they were described?
    Have you complained to the seller / provider of the goods or services?
    Is the seller / provider of the goods or services still in business?
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