Plevin & PPI Claims

‘Plevin’ gets its name from a 2014 court case brought by Susan Plevin. The Supreme Court of England & Wales ruled that she had been treated unfairly as she hadn’t been told about the huge amount of commission taken from her PPI payment. Under this Plevin rule, if the PPI commission went to the lender and this wasn’t explained to you are entitled to be compensated for the commission plus interest.

You can contact the bank directly and if you are lucky enough, they may offer a reduced amount, sometimes a few hundred pounds. Our specialist Plevin Team have recovered on average £5,900.00 in compensation for our clients.

By choosing Mellor Solicitors we promise to act on a ‘no win no fee’ basis and you pay us nothing if your case is unsuccessful.

So you have nothing to lose!!! Let Mellor Solicitors specialist Plevin Legal Team get you the compensation you deserve.

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