Secret Comms

If you have ever taken a Secure Loan/Second Charge via a Broker before 2009 with any of the following lenders:

  • Blemain Finance (Together Mortgages)
  • Swift Finance
  • Nemo Finance
  • GE Money
  • GE Capita
  • Kensington Mortgages
  • Prestige Finance/Igroup

You may be entitled to recover thousands of pounds in compensation and have the entire loan amount ‘written off’ (Please note that the above list is not exhaustive).

On average our clients have received in excess of £15,000.00

The law says that that any commission paid to a broker must be fully disclosed to the client and the broker must:

  • Ensure that the consumer is entitled to the “single minded loyalty” of the credit broker
  • Act in good faith
  • Not receive a secret profit
  • Not place themselves in a position where their duty and their interest may conflict

Mellor Solicitors can investigate and assess whether a secret commission has been paid and begin to prepare your claim to ensure the secret profit is paid back to you.

We act on a ‘No Win No Fee’ basis.

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