UK Sole Representative Visa

A UK Sole Representative Visa is the immigration mechanism used by international companies to establish a commercial presence in London or elsewhere in the UK. Furthermore, a senior member of your company can work in the UK to initiate your commercial operations, build your brand and establish a supply chain. Once you have set up an operational branch or subsidiary, it is likely you will want to take advantage of a Skilled Worker Employer Sponsor Licence.

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UK Sole Representative Visa- Requirements
  • UK Sole Representative visa applicants must have extensive and relevant experience in your respective industry.
  • You must be employed outside the UK by a business whose headquarters and principle place of business are also outside the UK.
  • This Visa is not designed for business owners or major stakeholders.
  • Sufficient resources to support yourself without help from public funds
  • Meet the English Language requirement by passing an exam at CFER Level A1 in Speaking and Listening.
  • What is the Sole Representative Visa

What is the Sole Representative Visa processing time?

The processing time for a Sole Representation visa varies considerably. If you are applying from outside the UK please expect it to take at least 16 weeks. If you are applying from inside the UK it can take up to 6 months.

Can I extend this my sole representative visa UK?

  • You can apply to extend this visa for a further term, providing you continue to meet the requirements.

Does this visa lead to settlement?

  • Once you have extended your visa and you have been inside the UK for a continuous period of 5 years you may be eligible to settle in the UK.

Can I Naturalise as a British citizen?

  • Yes, after you have held Indefinite Leave to Remain for 1 year you may apply to Naturalise.

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